The Team

Matt Leiper

Matt Leiper our Director/Cameraman, has been a cameraman for over 25 years – with 22 of those spent as a senior cameraman for the BBC based in London. His work has taken him all over the world and he continues to work for the networks here in Australia including; the ABC and Channel 7 plus international ones, including Sky News, the BBC, Al Jazeera and more. We have a network of cameramen based all around the world. This makes filming your offices, business operations and clients in other countries much more affordable. Our cameramen are at the top of their game and work for the major networks in their area of the world. You will be assured of the very best quality.

Amy Leiper

Amy Mihalakis Leiper our Producer/Director, has had over 20 years senior marketing experience with an emphasis on public relations, product development and website management. She started the company in 2004 with her husband, Matt Leiper with the idea of producing broadcast quality video at an affordable price. She continues to work in PR for major international companies helping them to get their messages out locally in Australia and around the world.